Grow Them, Build Them, Keep Them! – Jerry Evans, DTM

Building New Clubs is the lifeblood of any District and understanding how the process works is critically important to successfully build, grow and keep them for long term success. More than 1,000 new clubs are started every year. Our efforts contribute to help thousands of people become more successful communicators and leaders.

In this interactive session you will learn the process and the steps to successfully start and build new clubs and the team
effort it takes to make it happen.

  1. First Steps
  2. The Process- How It works
  3. How To Identify Opportunities
  4. Corporate vs. Community Clubs
  5. Exploratory Meeting – Where the “rubber meets the road”
  6. Demonstration Meeting – TEAM
  7. Pre-Charter Follow Up
  8. Administration/Charter Paperwork
  9. Charter Presentation

You will walk away with a better understanding of how clubs are formed and what it takes to successfully set them up for success to Grow Them, Build Them and Keep Them!