We Found the Missing Members of Your Club – Noel Ganay, DTM

Noel Ganay is the 2017-2018 District 30 West Division Director. He is also the Club President for Nalco Toastmasters in Naperville in District 30, and Talk of the Town Toastmasters in Batavia in District 54. He had served as the Public Relations Manager for District 54 in 2016-2017 and has given workshops on marketing, publicity, and membership growth. In his first year as a Toastmaster, two and a half years ago, Noel helped his Nalco Toastmasters club gain 17 members in one year. His employee resource group that he is a chair for, gained 5 new members after one Lunch and Learn event. He has assisted in both District 54 and 30 in membership drives, open houses, and even Demonstration Meetings.