Keynote Speaker

Dr. Jann Freed
Dr. Jann Freed, Ph.D., is a leadership development and change management consultant, with extensive experience in city government, and several community organizations. During her 30 years in academia, Dr. Freed held the Mark and Kay De Cook Endowed Chair in Leadership and Character Development in addition to serving in several administrative positions and is currently professor emerita of business management. She authored several books and her latest book, Leading with Wisdom: Sage Advice from 100 Experts, is based on more than 100 interviews with thought leaders in their field. As a certified Sage-ing Leader through Sage-ing International, Dr Freeds current passion is helping people make the rest of life the best of life.
Workshop Summary: What Should I Do With The Rest of My Life?
Life is a series of transitions and most of these transitions are scripted. But as more people approach mid-life, this is uncharted territory. Many people are living longer and healthier lives causing mid-life to be extended. Yet, what will you do with this time beyond your career? Come to this session to explore and learn in more detail how to become a sage rather than age.

Other Speakers

Pamela Purnell
Pamela (Jo Grace) Purnell is a speaker, storyteller, and poet. She is known for enthusiastic and engaging deliveries where she incorporates role-playing, humor, poetry and object lessons in her presentations. She has presented on the following topics such as Wellness in Us an Around Us, Arts in the Church, and Using Storytelling to Develop Critical Thinking Skills. She has also spoken on numerous subjects that include self-esteem, change, public speaking, and African American history.
Workshop Summary: From Postal Listeners to Invested Listeners
Participants will learn how to survey their life experiences, interest and skill sets to create analogous presentation resources to build a positive and receptive listener community. The workshop will review the use of:
  • Vocal variety
  • Object lessons
  • Theatrical tools
  • Video clips
  • Audience participation
These techniques will be explored to make connections and enhance presentations.

The purpose is to create intentional listeners that post up and to discourage participants that become mentally postal and dis-invested in the presentation experience.
Monnica Rose, DTM
Monnica Rose graduated from Southern University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. For over 30 years, she has worked in the defense industry. Ms. Rose is currently employed by L3 Technologies as a Senior Mechanical Engineer where she is a Team Lead for several aircraft modification platforms.

Monnica’s leadership extends beyond the workplace as she has served in several leadership roles at the district and international level in Toastmasters International. She is currently a nominated candidate for International Director for Region 5.

As an engineer and Toastmaster, Monnica has mentored, motivated and encouraged many in achieving their goals.

When she isn’t running half marathons, you can find her cheering for her New Orleans Saints, solving Sudoku puzzles or reading the latest book on leadership.
Workshop Summary: How to SiT
What are key strategies you can implement to increase your teamwork success? Why do some teams succeed while others fail? What attributes are needed for success? If you want answers to these questions, you need to attend this interactive session to help you learn how to Succeed in Teamwork! There’s even a rhyme or two to take back to your club!
Maryann Reichelt, DTM
Maryann Reichelt, DTM, first joined Toastmasters as a charter member of First Card Toastmasters, now known as Toast of the Fox Toastmasters. She is also a member of several other clubs in District 54 and District 30.

Maryann is District 54’s Pathways Support Coordinator. She has been involved in Pathways since 2013 and now has a team of Pathways Support members who are ready to answer your Pathways questions and help with any issues you may have. Maryann is enthused about Pathways and helping District 54 members get acclimated to their Path(s) and how to traverse it.
Workshop Summary: The Survey Says…
This session will cover several of the recent Pathways survey results as well as some nuts, bolts, and tips to ease Pathways implementation.

Michael Scampini, DTM
Michael Scampini is the VP of Client Development for a software company, and he is an Award Winning Speaker. He won the 2016 District 54 Evaluation Championship and the 2017 District 30 Evaluation Championship.

His role at the software company, K3S, includes training customers to properly use the software and guiding them through challenging transitions to make vast improvements in their performance. He also works closely with the Marketing Department to gain new business. Before starting his role at the company almost four years ago, Mike grew up with a terrible fear of public speaking. Since starting the role, he joined Toastmasters to overcome his fear and improve his performance at work. It was life changing!

Mike is a cofounder of Yes And Toastmasters in Naperville, Past President of New Lenox Toastmasters, and has been a member of several Toastmasters clubs including Talk of The Town Toastmasters in Batavia, Windy City Professional Speakers in Oakbrook, and Lincoln-Way Toastmasters in Frankfort.

Joining Toastmasters has led Mike to practice Improv. Mike is a graduate of Second City’s Improv program and the Laugh Out Loud Theater’s Improv program. With all of the tools he has learned, he looks to give back to others to help them improve by mastering their fears.

Garrett Gray
Garrett Gray is a Professional Engineer, an Award Winning Speaker, Improv-er, and All Around Great Guy!

Garrett joined Toastmasters in 2012 and it is one of the best decisions he has ever made. Garrett competed on the Toastmasters’ District stage 10 times in his first 4 years in Toastmasters for the International Speech, Humorous Speech, Evaluation, Table Topics and Tall Tales contests in both District 54 and 30. Now his focus is coaching others to compete and achieve at the highest level they can.

Garrett is a graduate of Second City’s Improv program, has taken Sketch Writing at Second City, Musical Improv at Comedy Sportz, and Short Form Improv at Laugh Out Loud in Schaumburg. Garrett and his Improv and sketch team “100% Gluten” have perform to sold out crowds in 2018 and 2019 at The Second City. Garrett and his “100% Gluten” troupe just gave 2 one hour “Improv like a Superhero” workshops in March at the C2E2 Comic book convention at McCormick Place in Chicago. Garrett will return to The Second City to perform a comedy Improv and Sketch show on April 27th.

Garrett is currently the President of “Yes and Toastmasters.” Garrett teamed up his fellow Toastmaster/Improv-er Mike Scampini and fellow Toastmaster and D30 Club Growth Director Noel Ganay to found and charter this “YES AND TOASTMASTERS” in Plainfield which combines BOTH Improv with Public Speaking so that you can become a socially fearless speaker. Every meeting of “YES AND TOASTMASTERS” begins with 30 minutes of group improv lead by an Improv Master and then flows into a regular Toastmasters meeting. Public speaking and Improv—you get two great flavors for the price of one at YES AND TOASTMASTERS!
Workshop Summary: IMPROVe Your Speaking Skills!
Have you ever been lost for words? Do you want to learn how to think and speak on your feet in any situation? If you want to improve your ability to think fast on your feet, then you will want to attend the Improv Workshop called "IMPROVe Your Speaking Skills" with Second City Improv Graduates Garrett Gray and Mike Scampini.

Their workshops bring together the lessons they learned from Second City, Laugh Out Loud Theater, and Toastmasters International to further enhance their public speaking and impromptu speaking skills.

If you attend the workshop, then you will learn how you can pick up the following tools for success:

Think Fast on Your Feet: Improv games will teach you how to react in the moment. It is not easy to know what to say in any situation. The truth is, there is always something to say. Learn how you can improve your ability always to have something to say in any situation.

Public Speaking Confidence: Most people are afraid to get up and speak in front of others. If you have the confidence to speak, you will open up so many doors for success in your life by developing the courage to step up and stand out from the crowd! Build your belief that you can give a powerful presentation and become energized by it!

Become Socially Fearless: Learn how to push through your fear and go for anything you want in your life! Improv games are effective for gaining confidence in interviews, dealing with customers, and even personal relationships.

Build Natural Humor: The tools you will pick up will teach you how to use humor to win over your family, friends, and audience to keep them entertained in any situation.

Team Building and Leadership: Learn to become an influential team member and leader by building on the ideas of others. Strong communication is the key. Learn about the magic behind active listening, accepting any difficult situations by building on them, and use your voice tone and body language effectively!

Strengthen your Innovation: A lot of times people are afraid to speak up with new ideas because of fear of social rejection. This fear can block innovative ideas that can make seriously big changes in personal and professional progress. Learn how to crush your fear of rejection and speak up with your innovative ideas.

Persuade with Power: Even if you are not in sales, persuasion is a very powerful tool that will help you make progress on your goals and objective. Use improv to improve your skills with your personal and professional relationships by finding creative solutions that work for both sides.
Mohamad Qayoom
Mohamad Qayoom is currently serving LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans as an IT Consultant. He is a speaker, trainer, and a cybersecurity practitioner. He conducts presentations and workshops and speaks in various environments including cybersecurity bootcamps, security conferences, TEDx, and other technical community gatherings. As a Toastmaster leader, Mohamad is currently serving as the Immediate Past District Director of District 68, which includes Louisiana, Southwest Mississippi, and parts of Texas. During his term as the District Director, District 68 achieved President’s Distinguished status and received Excellence in Leadership award. He is a certified Project Management Professional. He holds a Master of Science in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Engineering Management.
Workshop Summary: Leading With Courage and Heart
Mohamad started his Toastmasters district leadership journey during tumultuous times when his district was on the brink of dissolution. He was fortunate to belong to a team that turned the district around and it didn’t only survive, but it thrived and became one of the most successful districts in the United States. During this session, Mohamad will share some of the lessons that he has learned from various leadership positions which include: the importance of developing other people; the need for taking calculated risks; the value of consistency and persistence as well as trust; the significance of learning from one's failures; how to lead by example and manage priorities; and the importance of demonstrating empathy during difficult times.

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